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Cartoon Self Portrait

I wanted to create a cute cartoonish self-portrait, and this class was great to start out with! I used Pinterest as a mood board and just pinned items that had the quirky style I liked.


I added a green color to the Ziggy color palette, and used Illustrator's built-in Skintone library for the skin and hair.

The hardest part was the glasses. I actually took a vector from a previous Illustrator document where I'd sketched my glasses and then outlined them using the pen tool. I had a really tough time trying to create the glasses shapes using existing Illustrator shapes, even when I manipulated them. I'd love tips and tricks from anybody who has created glasses in Illustrator before!

I'd really like to play around with texture to make this look more like a paper cut-out, as well as facial expressions. 


Thanks for a great class!

Edit: I also created a close-up of the face to use as an avatar. I added some texture and shadows too.



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