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Lutz Finsterwalder

Klokeheads United



Cartel de Clocaína -- A Bathroom Tissue Trust

What if you get something nasty, evil and brutal and turning it into a funny business?

What if you take an ordinary product which graphics are associated with flowers and fishes and is commonly used at the most hidden place of your home -- turning it into a lifestyle item for cultural outlaws, rockers, klokeheads, sinners, night club owners and the dear mobster with style?

What if you create an online shipping brand for luxury toilet tissues like a film maker makes a gangster movie with some comedy elements?

These 3 questions led to the idea of Klokain. It is an online store for just one product, in just one class (luxury). In just one package size (large) to simplify each step of the business processes. -- Delivered as limited Editions and relentlessly organized by outsource nearly each non-creative step.

The product ist politically incorrect (i.e. playing with the image of a drug lord) and it should be available within 2 to 4 months from now....

The name "Klokain" is a wordplay in German for a German speaking audience. It's a combination of "Klo" (toilet) & "Kokain" (blow). The slogan means "Straight by The Bad Guy". (German: Direkt vom Bösewicht)

German (written) Project Blog: Klokain (Cartel de Clocaína)


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