Carta Amore {Paper Love}

Carta Amore {Paper Love} - student project



This was really fun, a tiny bit stressfull, and alot of work!  It has inspired me to try some more craft projects using this gorgeous paper.  I may attempt the US map, since I'm getting more paper samples this week.  

I'm especially eager to try my hand with more watercolor, which I haven't done in 25 years!  Sorry for poor photos, dark day in Chicagoland!  Cheers!



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Carta Amore {Paper Love} - image 2 - student project

Carta Amore {Paper Love} - image 3 - student project


[Paper Love]

Updates:  Started the process (long) of selecting, cutting, pasting, and outlining map onto large watercolor paper.... Not sure anyone will GET this, that it's the map of Italy.  Still a work in progress....

Carta Amore {Paper Love} - image 4 - student project

While the paper is beautiful, some of the motifs were a little too large to be proportionate on the map.  My original plan was to add icons of what the area is famous for; don't think that will work anymore as the patterns are too busy.  

I will add some watercolor elements - by hand- to the map, as well as a map key. 

I actually think this would make a great idea for a US map.  50 flavors of paper?  Hmmmm, it could be done. 

Where to go next?  ideas?  Additions?  Deletions???  





I’m a blogger for an Italian stationery company that sells beautiful paper and stationery products worldwide.   One of the things their paper is used for is paper crafting.   Even though I love paper, I confess I’m not too crafty.  So I thought I’d create a map of Italy using their beautiful paper as a mixed media project.  Here’s a photo of some of their letterpress papers... gorgeous right!

Carta Amore {Paper Love} - image 5 - student project 

Fortunately, the boot shape of Italy is pretty well known to everyone, so that part will be easy.  But I figure I’ll need to divide Italy into regions, (sort of like the States, I guess), then maybe include an icon shape of what the area is well known for …. Like olive oil, or leather goods, wine, etc..  This will require some research on my part! 

This map will have to be LARGE to take full advantage of the beauty of the paper. 

So here’s what I have so far:

Carta Amore {Paper Love} - image 6 - student project

Target audience:   ME!  Well, and maybe my blog audience.