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Carrasco Family

I got really motivated and inspired by Aaron Draplin's work (Big fan of Field Notes) as well as all the other students crests so I decided to enroll. The fact that it was a family crest was just another reason to start this assignment as soon as possible.

This is my first project on Skillshare and more generally in graphic design (I am a Mechanical Engineer with Industrial design background) - therefore all comments or advice are more than welcome.


My family come from a region called Extremadura in Spain, a well known area for Iberic Ham, agriculture (tomatoes), exceptional lanscapes and "Conquistadores". This region is also one of the poorest region's of Spain and this is why my grandparents immigrated in the 60's to Paris, France. After retirement they came back to their beloved region. Concerning myself, I spent most of childhood between Paris where my dad stayed and our family village in Extremadura.

Family Crest

Our family crest is composed by an oak tree and a wild boar as well as a war helmet.



I started thinking about the subjects and symbols I wanted to include in my crest and the way that they could be symbolised.

  • Family history

My spanish great grandfather fought and was a prisoner during the Spanish civil war, my French grandfather fought and became a prisoner during WW2.

  • Immigration
  • Paris
  • Extremadura
  • Principles - Family and Passion

I didn't want to make it complicated so focused on a few ideas:

Oak Tree

Present in the original family crest and a big symbol of Family.

Instead of doing a Laurel, I used Aaron's advice to use Oak tree leaves instead.



Related to the Oak tree, Iberic Ham and Wild boar (The best ham come's from pigs and wild boar only fed on a diet of acorn's)


Eiffel tower


Vintage football

Football has always been a very important passion in my family and I also inherited this from them (sometimes too much).

Final Design 


I look forward to read your comment and advice.



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