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John Hargreaves

A Media student at the Uni of Adelaide.



Carpentry Icon Set

Monday 29th of September, 2014

Took me a while to get around to actually doing the initial icon set. Chose the theme of carpentry as my father and grandfather are/were carpenters. I did use to help my father out (mostly cleaning and moving tools/timber) when on school holidays, but was not up to the back aching work that carpentry entails. Also, my hands weren't leathery and use to splintered and bruised very easily due to being accident-prone. Amazed at what my father can do with timber and some tools, but had no romantic notions about getting into carpentry myself as I knew one would be exhausted at the end of it. Thought it would be neat to combine graphic design and carpentry though.


Would love some input and feed back. The circular saw dosen't visually make sense yet. Hopefully I can get around doing the iterations - just have about five weeks of Uni before end of semester break.


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