Sergey Yanovskiy

Digital Creative at Proximity BBDO



Carpe Diem


I've chosen a problem: how to plan a day in overseas vacation. I celebrated last new year in Italy and each. I woke up and decided what to do next by getting information all around. I don't know any universal tool to plan it before the vacaction. I think it's a common problem for young travellers. I pined it on validation board. 

I spoke to friends and colleagues and I quiet correct identify the problem and target audience - 25-35, middle class, advanced and curious travelers. Many people who travel by themselves usually plan how to buy tickets, where to rent an apartment. But they don't really have a plan what they actually do. Of course, there are some general stuff like sightseeing, but they mostly don't know what exactly they would really be interested to see and visit and how to plan a day in unknown city to   do that.This is a problem.

5 key learnings from interview:

1) People usually use travel services to plan general aspects (tickets, hotels etc) of their vacation. 

2) In vacation they usually go sightseeing, shopping, relaxing and clubbing.

3) They use guides to learn about what to do in city, but it's static and general information written before.

4) To stay updated they use web search but sometimes it's difficult to learn about latest city news and events because it's on native language. Also they really trust locals. 

5) They have to plan a day by themselves and they often lose a lot of time because they don't know  new city. It's typical situation when you don't know how to get to the famous sights or where is the stop for shopping mall. So by the end of the day you were lucky if you saw at least third of what you planned. 


Hope I posted it in correct place and I will be waiting for your feedback. 


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