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* Mock ups! *

I tried to pick a few that stood out the most, to me, and mocked those up. I found that I had a lot of trouble doing color separations after doing the texture - I jacked the contrast way up, and it still had gray areas that wouldn't select, so it didn't really look the way that I wanted it to. Might have been because I was using a photo to start with, though, the negative space mock was a little easier.



Negative space

* New vector stuff *

I gotta narrow these down. I ended up with a bunch of things that didn't look like the sketches I posted, but some of the ideas made it. The kanji are still really roughly live-traced from another shirt, so use your imagination a bit on that one. The dots are the Braille, just repeated and stacked.

Okay! Never done one of these skillshare things. Here goes.

1. Literally, negative space. I wanted to see how it would look. Could play with some texture, stencil style, etc.

2. I worked the logo into some other (entirely fake, at this point) kanji characters, since it sort of fits in there. Added the ski mask graphic.

3. I wanted to find something that represented the name, but in a not so obvious way. I thought translating it to japanese or some kind of creole was a little easy, so I went after visual languages. The first one I did in Braille, and the one at the bottom is morse code. I sort of pictured this as a repeated pattern, much like one of the more graphic options Brandon made, which I'm really into.

4. I don't know if this'll read the way it did in my brain, and I may need to add some more detail for it to work. But the idea was playing with negative space again, so it'd just be the eye holes from the ski mask (the background of the shirt being the mask). Used the more subdued, all one line version of the name.

5. Their logo looks a little like hash marks to me, so I played with that as well. There are, of course, 21 of them.


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