Carnival Rebrand

Carnival Rebrand - student project

New Company Name: Renew

Millennials care about the environment, more than any other generation of age to cruise. They take the issue very seriously and will vote for candidates who value climate change as their top voting issue. So, for them to cruise, a cruise line needs to project a drastically new image. and change its business operations significantly. Millennials are starting families later and are deciding to travel as much as they can before starting families. They have less disposable income so want to get as much out of a trip as possible. They want to de-board often to see as much as they can, so Renew lines stop more frequently and for longer periods of time, keeping the actual distance travelled shorter, but keeping to the same number of days. 


Renew is the difference in cruising that millennials have been waiting for. Not only has the brand renewed itself, but the cruises promise to hep you feel renewed by the end of your trip.

Starting with the environmental impact, Renew will use renewable energy in the form of sun, water, and wind. Batteries stationed throughout the ship will be the source for heating the pools, powering the activity areas, and laundering. 

There will be on-board gardens using composted kitchen and dining remnants. Responsible sources will be used for meats, dairy, and grains. Smaller plates and healthier portions to reduce food waste. Plastic and paper containers will be made of plant-based materials.

Bedding will consist of bamboo and cotton blends for luxury and sustainability. Soap and shampoo items will be animal-testing-free and will be in environmentally-friendly packaging. The cruise-line will implement signage requesting multiple-day usage of bed linens and towels to reduce water and electricity needs for laundering.

Renew will also change the its process for undocking and final docking stations, by sourcing responsible waste partners for septic, garbage/recycling, and water.

Moving on to port location changes, Renew will re-evaluate docking locations based on communities who have made an effort to decrease their carbon-footprint, or have historically been environmentally-friendly. Renew will follow docking policies that do not harm the surroundings, by improving maintenance and fuel standards, procedures, and schedules.

Activities onboard will consist of swimming in multiple pools, a ballroom, multiple bars, and coffee shops. There will be a casino on each ship, as well as a full library, movie theater, and indoor bowing and arcades. There will be athletic courts featuring basketball and tennis, and full-size exercise facilities. There will be multiple spas and salons on board each ship to reinforce the relaxation mood.

There will be __ ships in the Renew lines and will each travel a different region of the world. Each ship will reflect the culture, style, music, smells, foods that coordinate with the destinations. Destinations for Renew are relaxing, cultural, and with phenomenal views. We will focus on two liners as examples:

Renew Alaska will tour the North American west coast from Northern California, to Vancouver, Canada, and through the channels of Alaska. Decor will consist of regions of North American Native woodworking, textiles, and art, mixed with a contemporary twist of sleek lines, and metal gray accents. Music will consist of soft sounds of pipes, drums, and strings, setting a relaxing mood throughout the corridors. A specialty scent of rain and earth will be located in auto sprayers throughout the ship. Menus will offer native meats, fishes, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Renew Bali will tour the Indian Ocean and be decorated throughout with Indonesian woodwork, art, and paintings, and textiles, mixed with a contemporary twist of sleek lines, and metal gray accents. . Traditional music will be piped throughout the corridor, setting a spa-like mood. A specialized rain scent will be located throughout the corridors. Menus will offer regional fishes, meats, vegetables, and grains. 


Renew Branding & Design Strategy

Personality and Attributes: Clean, Green, Awareness, Relaxing, Modern

Colors: Clean = Pale Blue, Green = Soft green, Relaxing = White, Modern = Black,  Awareness = Red

Fonts: Modern, Relaxing

Services: Clean, Green, Awareness, Relaxing, Modern

Imagery: Clean, Green, Relaxing, Modern


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