Carnival: Just cruise.


Vision: To rebrand Carnival Cruises in a way to target the millennial generation (of which I belong), I have elected to take a modern, no frills, yet sophisticated cruise experience for a younger, active, and newly affluent demographic. 

Design Ideas / Breadboard: 

  • Boutique-like, modern amenities, showcasing modern architecture and furniture designs. 
  • Think Restoration Hardware style furniture, simple lines, sharp silohuette, yet retains the warmth and character in things like material, texture, and color. 
  • Reapproach current cruise attractions with a more targetted theme, less "kid-through-grandpa" and more "grad-to-middle age". This approach could target the late Gen X demographic into the millennial generation who has finally come into some wealth".
  • Ex: Current cruise line offers a casino with everything ranging from slots to blackback, but typically in a generic casino atmosphere. Revamp with modern or new slot machine games, but focus on a higher end experience. Better table-side service. Think the movie 21, not Vegas Vacation.