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Carla Guillen - Newbie

4-First Quote

My first quote! I'm so happy!!! I'm still having trouble with smudges and I'm not totally comfortable with the pen/ink/paper, but I can feel the improvement every day.

3-More comfortable

After some practice, I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the tools and letters. I think I'm improving and I'm certainly having lots of fun with the letters

2-Now with guidelines

I've started to read the book "Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy" and I'm really enjoying it! I'm learning new tips and the "right" way to do copperplate calligraphy. There are many rules and it doesn't allow you to develop your own style, but I'm taking this as a first guide. 

In this second attempt I used a guideline to guide the slant and base line. 

1-My very first attempt

Getting used to the pen and testing different nibs, having a lot of fun!
My main struggles are to keep the strokes on the correct slant and in a straight line. Also, on the upstrokes the nib pinches the paper. Can't wait to learn more


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