Caricatures Client Project

Caricatures Client Project - student project

The project: I am choosing my current project for my favorite client. They challenge me creatively and give me wonderfully exciting projects.  This time they asked me to do a caricature drawing of each person in the department.  32 portraits.  I have never done caricature drawing.  I took a skill share class, I bought some books and I practiced drawing caricatures.  Now I am doing the work a batch at a time and it is so challenging to work as quickly as I need to in order to complete the 32 portraits by next week. I've done 5 beautiful drawings and now I need to keep going (5-6 per day) and maintain the quality. I feel the quality slipping and my resistance growing. I need to get into the flow.  

The right time: I'm more happy, productive and relaxed in the evening after I've handled all the pressing emails, urgent tasks for the day and the phone has stopped ringing. I'm a night owl.

Before Picture: Last night I got stuck in the coloring process on this caricature portrait.  I felt like it was too similar to the original photo and lacked depth and interest. There was no small message in my interpretation of her picture.  I didn't finish it and went to bed.  I thought it would be a great place to start today in working on getting into the flow. 

Caricatures Client Project - image 1 - student project

We'll the coloring is taking entirely too long.  I will need an extension for sure. But at least now I'm getting in the zone. Breaks are important.  Trust the process.  I have to do 32 of these by Tues. I'm not sure its possible at this level of detail. Now the challenge is an efficient process. Maybe I'll limit each one to an hour and only do the inking... trace the photo and just do coloring last as time allows.  Oy. What a good challenge. : )

Caricatures Client Project - image 2 - student project

Nicole Roberts
Illustrator/Designer/Art Director