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Cariband 3d printed case for iPhone 5, Holds Stuff

I designed a case for the iPhone 5. Many that I saw were either generic, simply different graphics, gaudy or bulky. I wanted one that was like the iphone, simple, elegant and useful.

While the iPhone 5 can do amazing things and hold vasts amount of information, it can't hold even the smallest piece of paper. I designed the Cariband to hold the things we carry day to day, like an ID, credit card and cash. I also had in mind things like the little lunch order receipt,  things that mysteriously vanish when needed.

I shot a variety of images trying to show how else it could be useful and what it could hold:

like the iPhone charger,

lost or misplaced earbuds,

or business cards,

"When things get out of hand, hold your horses. Cariband case holds stuff."

"Not a spray, but holds hare in place."

"This is not a pipe, but it can hold one."


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