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About Career Services USA

Career Services USA is a boutique start-up company that provides a full menu of career services to job seekers and career changers, all with the support and guidance of a career coach!

We continually hear stories from individuals of time consuming, unsuccessful attempts to secure a job. Our desire to place our expertise in the hands of today’s job seeker led us to fully research the need for our services. Our survey responses were a resounding “yes”. Many individuals- college students, mothers returning to the work force, executives, professionals who were suddenly outsourced, and career changers- feel overwhelmed and anxious about networking and frustrated with the job search process.

We have been listening to these concerns and as a result outlined a comprehensive plan for the job search! We offer expert career coaching and services such as individualized resumes/CVs, cover letters, thank you letters, job search advice, preparation for interviews, networking skills, and career transition support.

Our career coaches assist clients in developing skills necessary for a successful, productive, efficient and effective job search process. We are confident our solutions will propel you to your greatest success!


This class introduced me to the concept of AB testing and I am interested in trying this out. Though we are in the very beginning stages of running a live website, we have started to review our Google Analytics. One thing we noticed is that of those who have visited our site, there are few who have ventured beyond the home page and we're not certain why. However, we are starting to think we might want to revamp the homepage to make it more appealing to users and potential clients.

We are currently using a "grassroots" approach of word of mouth promotion and developing our online presence. While we were able to acquire some "fans", it seems like the interaction among them is sparse and we would like to develop a more vibrant online community. Of course we would also like to convert the members of that community to paying clients. It's been challenging thus far, but I received a lot of great tips from this class that I hope we will be able to put into practice in the near future!

Victoria Crispo

Business Development Manager, Career Services USA