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Career Frog

Career Frog is like for Careers. 

We will take Personal Preferences, mix them with a proven method used by a certified career coach for more than 20 years and cross referenced with data from the Dept of Labor to arrive at some choices that will be right for a person, not just put a person in a box. 

3 Biggest Holes:

1. People said that the test would not be personalized enough (how could a computer know them?)

2. People said that they wouldn't be willing to spend as much time on it as we thought (most people said less than an hour!)

3. People said that they didn't know about tests that already existed, so marketing might be a problem since people are turned off by guidance counselors and others who have given them bad advice (who are usually the gatekeepers to this kind of information)

Possible Solutions:

1. We will offer a workshop with this first. That way, we can do user testing and also see if people are getting the kind of information that they want/need

2. We will split the information into sections. When asked, people said that they'd be willing to spend longer if they had sections rather than just one lump time.

3. We will gamify it so that people are more engaged to get through sections

4. We will advertise the workshop in the Chicago area only until we know if it works. Once it works, we will test different markets to see what works. 

Action Steps:

1. We are going to design the project like we would for the online version, but in person so that, if it fails, we will be there to save it.

2. We will use real world gamification (prizes, points to collect for prizes)

3. We will spend some time splitting down the sections into areas that people often talk about in work, keeping to about 10 minutes for each time

4. We will build the workshop with some other activities involved so that, if the Career Frog exercises fall flat, we have proven engaging content. 

Think through these questions to outline the least amount of work you can do (i.e. build your MVP) to validate your startup idea.

  • What's your goal? What's your success metric?

The goal is to build a product that can replicate the process that happens in session with Jody. The success metric is two fold: 1) we want people to go through a questionnaire that gives them some suggestions that aren't  WAY off base (that's my struggle) and 2) we want them to feel that this is personalized enough.

  • Which solution will you implement to hit your goal?

We will build a workshop around this to "beta test" it that will happen in a space that Jody already uses. 

  • How will you reach your first 100 users / customers?

Part of it will be on the splash page, part of it will be through marketing. We can utilize the call log that Jody keeps of people who thought that coaching was too expensive. 

  • What is a good week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal?

I think that, this week, we need to nail down the factors and then come up with something that is user friendly enough while also giving us robust results 

Test, iterate and prove what you launched

Define what success looks like for every phase of your product - from getting your first user to your 100th, to your 1,000th to 1M and so on.

Keep track of what doesn't work and what does to get you to each one of these success milestones. Delete what doesn't work and double down on what does,

Don't be afraid to get creative even if what you're doing in the early days is totally unscalable. Below is the controversial education article I mention in the lesson as one example. 


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