Career Counseling Social Media (UPDATE)


As part of my project, I've created Google+ and Pinterest pages for my coach. I've also created a manual for her team (which includes me). 

Looking forward to feedback.




I'm waiting to hear if I can make some live changes, but here's my plans so far as a Google doc.

Looking forward to your comments!


Hi everyone,

I do some blog writing for a career counselor who is currently rebranding her entire website. It will go live at the end of March. At that point, she will put more emphasis on her social media. She has a FB page now, but no Twitter or Google +, etc.

First order of business: which platforms are appropriate?

Second: Her concern is that she has an interesting, professional, yet branded "voice" in her social. I'm interested in how to engage clients and clients to be in a business that highly prizes confidentiality.

I'd like to help her craft a campaign so that when she launches at the end of March, she will have a one month campaign to build on.


Looking forward to this project!



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