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Care Mycue

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Care Mycue, "Next Level" Mentor

Our first-world nations are facing yet another silent but growing epidemic. Each day, more and more people are becoming millionaires. Each day, more and more millionaires exahust themselves wrestling with the faceless angst that keeps them staring at the ceiling all night wondering “Is this all there is?” 

For centuries, mass consumer markets have been duped into reaching for this elite monetary plateau that, until recently, had been all but unreachable by the average Joe. Technology has systematically dismantled oppressive barriers to entry, and substantive wealth is finding its way into the portfolios of those who would have previously spent their lives scraping by to make ends meet.

On the one hand, this is seemingly great news. Those possessing a "high achiever" mentality have but to find a system and leverage it to the hilt in order to rise to the top. They can then explore the world through relationships, food, travel, possessions, experiences, and philanthropy, and it's quite an incredible adventure . . . for a while.

Eventually, they've seen it all and done it all and are in many ways bored by it. They don't want to give up their well-earned lifestyle, yet they also know that anything else is just more of the same. They feel empty, and deeply alone in this realization. With the wealth they’ve acquired, they’re not about to get sympathy from anyone. The accolades and awards for their achievements hold little more than a fleeting reprieve from the enduring emptiness that threatens to engulf them.

This experience of “hitting top” is fundamentally ripe for discovery, though tragically it is often a wasted opportunity. Too few people have entirely transcended this plateau, so the potential for them to even know it is an option escapes them. 

By creating a deeply supportive space of guided self-inquiry, I enable high achievers to take life to the next level by fueling the discovery of original insight into answerless questions. Having reignited both passion and purpose, my clients engage their well-earned worldly success in newly inspired ways that result in positive global transformation. Throughout it all, they finally enjoy the rich experience of enduring fulfillment and meaningful success.


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