Cardoza Diaz

Cardoza Diaz - student project

I have to much fun doing this project, also watching the course, im from Mexico, Villahermosa Tabasco, in mexico is not common to do this to family but was interesting at the end of the day.

I tried to put the most simbologic sites in tabasco that also was the sites we visit constantly, like the park Tomas Garrido and the monument "Cabeza Olmeca"  Cardoza Diaz - image 1 - student project


Some of the food that we ate constantly in family


Cardoza Diaz - image 2 - student project  

When i was kid i visit a river of my family and to cross with the family needed a "Cayuco" from my uncles


Cardoza Diaz - image 3 - student project

and all of this with the heat conform mi family crest, i really tried to represent with the shapes i made, i'm not an expert but i tried my best.

Thanks to take the timet to watch my project and thanks to aaron for an incredible course


Cardoza Diaz - image 4 - student project