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Cardinals reboot

I was going to do my favorite team, the Cincinnati Bengals, but someone else also noticed that they are in desperate need of a new look. So instead, I am going to take on a team that I feel looks equally as awful, the Arizona Cardinals. One look through their uniform history leaves one pretty unimpressed, so I feel like they offer a relatively clean slate to work with. The one element from their past that I will strongly consider is reverting their helmet back to red.


The rest of my inspiration comes from a uniform that a lot of people hate, but that I find to be unique and creative, which is something missing from a lot of today's uniforms... the Maryland Terrapins state pride uniforms.


I think the Arizona state flag is a strong visual and could be incorporated nicely into a uniform. It also gives a local identity to a team that has been in multiple cities and states throughout it's history.

So this is what I'll be working with as I start on my designs. 


Two helmet designs are done.

They white version isn't much different from the current helmet, except the state flag has been added to the bumper, the black in the logo has been changed to blue to match the flag, and the facemask is now red.

The red version has the same logo and bumper, and the facemask/helmet colors are inverted. The logo has a white outline in order to stand out on the darker helmet.

Finished my first set. It took a while and had some changes, but this is what I came up with. I went with the red helmet, to tie in a little to their past, and used a state flag motif throughout the jersey and pants.

And the white version, which just swaps the white and red on the jersey and numbers.

This is my best shot at a realistic representation of my uniform design.

And the realistic white version.


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