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Cardiff Comfort

I woudl like to give a cool modern yet organic and comftorable  quality to my home. I have a great eye of finding thing and I really need help in placement and keeping an overarching theme as well as color pallette. I look forward to sharing in the classses. * we dont have a coffeetable. Mainly because we like open space in the small livingroom that we have so, I will think twice about this with. 

Not sure why this image keeps turning. I saved it to be vertical.....

Entrway Console.  I have a plan to paint this piece white. I think dark colors are heavy in small spaces. Our house needs light colors and more organization! 

Bookshelves. We have a design plan to get doors from Ikea that will slide on a track to cover the media area....I cannot wait!! And the doors will be white/light wood.

Couch/Livingroom. Our couches are in dire need of reuphohlstering. Great pieces but no-likey the state they are in! Help :-/ Just a week ago we had a dark blue shag rug that wet better with the house, however it went in for cleaning so I picked this up. Otherwise we would have been living on tiel, and I have a crawling babe. WIth that said, I love these colors so much more, the lighter muted variations of cream, pinks, yellow, black and red. My goal is to work with this piece as our new foundation and ditch the blue shag rug! 

the bedroom, shared with our 7mnth old. Plan is to get bunkbed for  my older daughter's room. all talk....ready for action :)

This is my find for the 8 principles


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