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Hello all!

My name is Taylor and I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Mass Communication/Graphic Design. Finding a job is proving a bit more difficult in my field than I thought. With that being said, I have been mulling over starting my own design shop/site/blog but needed to come up with the basics of logo/branding first.

Essentially, this class came at exactly the right time! Also, I am very open to constructive criticism and advice.


Carden & Co. Designs (I toyed with Carden Creative and like the descriptor Paperie but don't really want to limit myself).

Brand Attributes

creative • neat • upbeat • feminine • modern

Sample Logos/Competition



These images/colors are some of my favorites and while they don't all necessarily deal with what I would be offering, they give me the feeling I want for my products/branding. I don't know if that comes across to my audience (you guys) but hopefully it does.


I am looking forward to working on typefaces and narrowing down a base logo in the next few days!



I have been toying with typography for a while and need some advice/help. I was leaning towards the top right just because I liked how the letters were not perfect and there was a bit of a hand drawn element to them. However, I feel like the text should be lighter so they will not compete with the ampersand vector element's boldness. 

I think maybe I have been looking at these variations too long. The third typeface is more sharp edges so it contrasts well with the swirly, organic nature of the ampersand. I adore the fourth typeface but wish it wasn't only available italicized.

Does the ampersand vector even work well with the design? Should Company be spelled out fully? Does Designs being underneath Co. make the right side too heavy?


I would love some feedback. 



So the top row holds the two previous designs just for comparison purposes. The second row obviously holds the variations with the ampersand on the same baseline with DESIGNS centeres underneath. It's not that I dislike these, it just makes me feel funny that the ampersand rises above the height of the caps.

Teela, you asked to see a stacked variant and playing with that has really made me lean very much towards the left side typeface. It emphasizes the ampersand. With that being said, I cannot put my finger on why I am not 100% in love with the stacked variant. Any ideas?

I am also including some watercolor variants I worked on prior to the announcement of the 2 week portion of the class. I never had time to post so I figured why not now? They feature the right typeface that I have all but given up on at this point in favor of the left.




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