Card XVI - The Tower

Card XVI - The Tower - student project

While listening to The Fool's Journey, this card stood out to me the most.  It surprised me to see a card representing stubbornness/ignorance in the spiritual/enlightened phase of the journey.  I say that it represents stubbornness and ignorance to me because it feels like the card represents a person who was trying to convince herself that what she had built was true and right.  The reason she was convincing herself was because so much time, effort, money, and manpower was needed to build the magnificent tower displayed on the card.  Other people are even relying on this tower - since two bodies are being flung from the tower.  The fact that the fool could come so far on her journey, only to be shaken to her core reminds me of Socrates' thought that the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.  A tiny part of me somewhere inside thought that you had to have it all figured out to be enlightened.  This card gives me hope, that along your entire path, there are temptations of pride to be fought and lessons in humility to be learned.  I am grateful to the tower because in its terror there is a message of hope that everyone can be shaken, and sometimes this shaking is necessary to start on a path that is more fitting for you in the next stage of your life.