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Card Challenge

Here is my finished entry into the card challenge. My photograph with my own hand written font overlayed onto it.

This is my attempt at the Card Challenge. I have hand written my card with Micron pens on a 5 x 7 card. Not sure if I'd like to add a few snowflakes? I will do it on a sample maybe and upload it. As well I don't know how to scan this and load it better. I guess I'll worry about that if I win :) I wanted to wrap the A and l's to portray it as wrapped together to try and describe ALL or everything. Does my explanation make sense?

I could also use my font over one of my winter photographs if I can figure out how :)

Here is another project I just completed today.

I hand painted this sign on a rough piece of lumber for a more rustic feel. It is a baby gift.

I used Garmond and Georgia fonts. I hand kerned the word "don't and "sheep' a bit as well as "Shepherd" once I printed them out. That was something I had never done before this class.

Well here is one of my completed projects. It is a bulletin board for our church.

It measures 6ft wide by 4ft high.

Some of the fonts I referred to were...Ecuyer Dax, LD Painters Hand, Niagara, Pharmacy, Showboat, SpellboundNo.3 and Precious. I hand drew the whole design and used Micron Markers and

Prismacolor Premier Markers. 

My hands covered in pencil from transferring my design.

My projects aren't loaded in order. Sorry about that. I also posted my initials on instagram #artoftype

Branding and Logotypes.

Jelly Belly uses a chubby font that looks similar to the shape of the product. It looks young and fun.

Howland's Honey uses the familiar colour of a bee in their name and the shape of a hive to tie their branding to their honey product.

Nutella highlights the N, but I wonder if nut shouldn't have been the same colour? I don't really get the reason for just the N being a different colour.

Eminence stays with one colour and says clean to me. The botanical print says "natural".

Practiced kerning with stamps I have.

Practiced Kerning game.

These are just two hand drawn fonts I was palying with but I still want to try it in ""

This is one project I'm working on for a church bulletin board. The last image is the one I will be doing as the main theme and I may use the small sailboat for another area of it. The top image is for a baby gift I plan to paint onto a rough piece of board.


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