Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace - student project

Caravan Palace is an electroswing band based in Paris. The artist style they seem to go for is retrofuturism with a mix of old horror B movies. They have a robot mascot, which I really want to use in my poster design. I'm leaning in two stylistic directions. Classic cartoon or something a bit flatter, like what Caravan Palace has for their album covers

I'll get my thumbnails up in a bit, right now I'm posting some inspiration so I have it.


Caravan Palace - image 1 - student projectCaravan Palace - image 2 - student projectCaravan Palace - image 3 - student projectCaravan Palace - image 4 - student project


For this first one, the idea is that the robot is in space and playing the astronaut's oxygen line like a saxophone. The bands name is written in the cord. Caravan Palace - image 5 - student project

This second sketch is a close up of the robots face with a swing band playing in his mouth

Caravan Palace - image 6 - student project