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Car photos

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What if I'll never see this view again. And sure I will never. As I'm changing everyday the world changes in my eyes too.

So I started to shoot photos while car trips with my boyfriend.

We live half time in Russia and half time in Switzerland, so I'm kinda lucky on views. So here we are, cathcing moments in our minds and sharing them on Instagram with friends.

I had a lot of issues while photographing:

  • not sharp photos because of high speed
  • bad exposure also because of high speed (I just didn't have time to set it)
  • lot's of trashy photos

But editing is the magic wand which makes everything look clear and shiny (even if the photo is dark).

So here are the photos of my latest car trip, hope you'll enjoy!


Crans-Montanta, Switzerland. I was amazed with view and colours. Autumn is the best time of the year in mountains.

Issues: trees, serpentine road, cars.

App: Afterlight


Rochers de Naye, Switzerland. While taking photo we were in traffic jam and the light on peak is sunset.

Issues: light on the mountain base (nothing at all)

App: Snapseed


Simplon Pass, Switzerland. Taken while crossing the border between Switzerland and Italy. Because of rain lots of streams started. Also clouds were really heavy so it was pretty foggy. 

Issues: high speed, rain

App: Snapseed


Thank you for your attention!

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