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Leitha Matz




Capybara Logo

I'm working with an idea to do a capybara logo based on George's animal-form techniques.

One of the larger challenges with capybaras is that they're lumpy and brown, so they pretty much look like bears. I'm still working on the details, like that swooshy foot, but this is the in-progress version.

First up, here's my capybara mood board:


The ones I like best have proud, uplifted heads. I did a bunch of capybara pen sketching, but that one in the middle has a very compelling trot, so I based my work in Illustrator on him.


Here you can see I have a rough capybara, and I'm working out some of the issues with the assistance of circles and arcs. I like where this is going, so I think I'll continue the work with the arcs and circles, particularly in the detail areas. I definitely have more work to do on the feet.


So, here's my latest work on this project. Based on feedback from my classmates (thank you so much!!!) I've gotten rid of the toes and worked to make the legs a little less funny and more streamlined. I eliminated a lot of anchor points on the path to give it additional smoothness. Next, I might try a shadow instead of the white separation on the legs.


Here's a little more work with color. I could see this icon being good for signage at a zoo. "This way to the capybaras!"



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