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Capturing Motion in the DMV

To start this project off, I'd like to say that I am extremely fascinated by long exposure photographs. I recently started shooting them more often to see all the various results that I could get. They're pretty rewarding when you get that shot that just makes you proud of yourself, haha.

For this light trail shot, I was careful to cross over traffic to reach the median that separated the two roads. First, I shot a one-point perspective shot, using the median as a point of reference. I thought it was too plain and that there wasn't enough happeing within the frame. So, I decided to pan the head of my tripod to the left about 35 degrees and composed this shot. I noticed all the lights in the background and I was aware of what happens to lights when they are exposed for a long period of time. I thought they added some depth to the shot as well. I exposed this shot three different times because I knew that the result would vary each time. This one stood out to me the most be cause of those lights that where caught up higher than the others. I'm guessing those were from a semi or some tall vehicle like that. I just really enjoy how this came out.

Next up is my panning shot. This was taken in DC near DuPont Circle. I love me some G-Class Mercedes action, so I had to shoot this when I saw it stopped at a red light. I saw that they were sitting in the straight lane so I waited up ahead on the other side of the intersection and I fired off three shots as it passed, hoping that one would be crisp. Here's that shot! The only crisp one of the trio! These shots remind me of the movie Interstellar, haha.

Finally, is the slow shutter portrait. This was taken inside the DC Metro system. An old friend of mine recently started his own clothing line and he got in contact with me about shooting some promo shots for the brand. I thought this would represent the location of where his company began. You can see a faint "M" on the left side of the image, so you should be able to figure out where this is by that and the waffle type tunnel ceiling that I've only seen in DC. I enjoy how the train isn't too blurred so it isn't just horizontal lines. You can still make the shapes of the windows and door out quite easily.

To conclude this project, I'd like to say that I've had a lot of fun shooting these shots. It's all a learning process with these types of images. If you don't get the shot you want the first time, just keep shooting and you're bound to get something usable or that you like out of the bunch that you shot. I will continue to shoot these, especially the light trail shots in the coming future.

To Cameron, our teacher, I would like to say this class was pretty informative in only the 24 mins that it was taught. Would definitely take another class taught by you!

Here's where you can find more of my work if you're interested.



Thanks for viewing my project!



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