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Capturing Montreal

I was in Montreal for a few days and used a lot of the tips I learned from various Skillshare mobile photography classes.

From Dan, I 'finally' figured out how to use SKRWT, downloaded Retouch, and learned new things about VSCO and Snapseed.

Montreal is full of colourful buildings and streets.  This particular simple and yet striking white and blue one was near where we stayed.

Here's the original:

1) I used SKRWT to straighten the building a bit and then Retouch to remove the satellite dish that was on the roof edge

2) I immediately knew I wanted the contrast of the blue accent against the white of the building and sky.  I used Snapseed to increase the brightness of the blue and made the building a tad more white but tried to maintain the details of the walls.  Then through  VSCO, using the E series I adjusted the 'mood' and cropped it.  I ended up using this on instagram

3) I originally did another crop of it (below) but felt having the main window in the center was stronger

3) I also liked the contrast of the white building with the red building next to it.  I tried to SKRWT it so that side of the building would be more faceon but I ended up just warping it LOL so I left it as it. With the 3rd edit, I adjusted the mood to be a bit more vintage and warm, and via Snapseed use Selective Adjust to bring out the red of the building and the greens of the vines


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