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Captured NYC

All pictures were taken by me. Evertime i goto Manhattan i try my best to bring my camera too. These are some shots when i was in Manhattan. All shots have been resize, therefore the quality might be bad. Thank you Trashhand for the helpful tips and the inspiration!

1. Candid Portait -

This shot was captured one cold day when i was walking to the train station. I saw an old man sitting down alone, until a generous lady approached him and started talking to him. This lady ended up sharing a couple of laughs with the man, and i had my camera on me so i had to take a shot!

2. Utilizing Blur -

NYC is filled with yellow cabs, so i knew it wouldnt be hard to capture one! This of course was taken in Manhattan, near Central Park. I used the lights from the buildings to showcase motion, while also using parts of the car to display the moving speed of the cab.

3. Look-Up 


Another thing NYC is filled with are Skyscrappers! So lookup shots werent hard to capture. They can be seen from almost anywhere near Manhattan. I tried showcasing the reflection of the building on the left into the right, but it was too high. Hopefully you guys can still see both buildings.

4. Night Shot -

Both shots were taken at night.One was taken around fall when it was raning(ORANGE), while the other one  was taken on cold winter day(GREEN).

THANK YOU for viewing my project!!!


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