Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles

Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - student project

I enjoyed trying out the three different templates for capturing something about my day in my sketchbook.

Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 1 - student project


This hero image page captured the main thing my day was about on Monday.


Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 2 - student project


Outside of my day planner, I haven't regularly captured the moments of my day in pictures or doodles. It was enjoyable to map out my Tuesday in little sketches on a single page. 


Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 3 - student project


Wednesday I had little time so this format was perfect. The collage page includes words that captured just how I was feeling today listening to the weatherman reporting a pending winter storm for the weekend.


Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 4 - student project


UPDATED January 11, 2019
I added another collage to my sketchbook. Posting my work was making me feel quite vulnerable so this quote just seemed right for today. Vulnerability must have been weighing on my mind more than I wanted to admit because I realized the material I had grabbed to frame each image was from security envelopes - something designed to protect privacy. The message wasn't lost on me. Was it truly an unconscious choice? Maybe. Maybe not.


Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 5 - student project


UPDATED January 13, 2019
Guess what's going on where I live? Vehicles of any kind are out of my comfort zone. The big, powerful snowplow looks more like a cute, little Tonka truck but I feel good that it looks like a truck at all. I also had no idea how to paint glowing headlights but they came out okay.


Captured 6 Days in 3 Styles - image 6 - student project


UPDATED January 14, 2019
My last sketch for week 1 of this Skillshare workshop. The "It's a Wrap" referred to both my day and that this was the last drawing for the first project. To color, I used a set of 4 Pitt pens I bought a while ago plus a gray Tombow rather than watercolor. I did use a button to help me keep the clocks the same size but inked them freehand. Today was all about work and not much else so had to figure out how to make an interesting image out of sitting at my computer for way too many hours. I'm happy with what I came up with. Now I just need about 200 different ideas for how to do that since this seems to be what many of my days are like. :-)


I committed to keeping at this every day except Saturday when I had the first meeting of an art class I enrolled in locally. The six days gave me a chance to try each format twice. I don't have a favorite but until this class had never thought about doing something like mapping my day so this is the one that taught me the most. I also learned that I'm better at drawing everyday things that I thought I would be and can already see improvement in a week.

Another thing I learned was that I enjoy seeing what others in the class are doing. It has both inspired me and taught me about new ways to approach these formats. I have made an effort to comment on most of the work of my classmates since it is always nice to get feedback. I enjoyed everything I saw and know that I benefited from taking the time to look closely and think about what I liked about someone else's page.

Thank you for an enjoyable course and excellent project ideas for us to try it out, Samantha. I am pleased with the results and look forward to using these three templates for future sketchbook pages and learning from you again if you decide to offer another class in the future.

Kate Smith
Color is sensational!