Capture It! - Photobooth made Easy

Capture It! - Photobooth made Easy - student project

i am recently married. at our wedding we hired a photobooth company to come in and capture all the fun. it was spectacular and we will never forget those moments. but a bit costly. I am looking to develop an app that will do the same without hurting the wallet. Users will be able to select various templates and even set up their own for their party needs (layout, background, titles, etc.). The picture taking will be automated and behind the scenes the app will stitch the photos together to the set template provided my the user. the pictures will be saved, emailed, and possibly sent for print to nearby printer. i believe this would be best for an ipad, but for now iphone will work. I don't have any app experience, but i don't believe this will be too hard to do.

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Here is a pic of my menus and the workflow.

Capture It! - Photobooth made Easy - image 1 - student project