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I'm Pepper, Captain of a small business, and while I consider myself an organised lass, I feel I could do more to get a grip on the direction of my business and the things I need to do to get there. Everyday work can sweep me along indefinitely, but I want to be sure that I'm doing the most productive things with the least effort to reach long-term goals! I work with two part time assistants and also want to check out my delegation and their workflows to make sure we're all on track, and I'm running a tight ship (nautical pun. Lol). Plus I get to write lists. I like lists.


Now I've watched the first video, I realise I have the GTD book by David Allen! I tried it out and still have elements of the system, but haven't been consistent. My main issue I think is choosing (and sticking with) the best way to gather/hold/arrange information. I've tried trello, evernote, outlook tasks, calendars, karma, spreadsheets, midori notebooks and lists; I tend to swap between them or use a few at a time. Love to find one or two to stick with! Interested to know what other peeps use/have found useful.


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