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Captain Script

I was or am a Coffee guy. I've done coffee since highschool but didnt take it seriously up until 2 years ago when i had the pleasure of working with Handsome Coffee Roasters. And ever since i can remember Ive always loved the Ocean and everything that comes from it, be it pirates and sharks or treasure booty and and surfin'. Well long story short, the coffee community was heavy on Social media (twitter, instagram, etc.) So I had to represent my tribe and one night while working with my buddy Justin packing away the nights roast in 12oz coffee bags we came up with my twitter/instagram handle: cap10m and it just stuck. So now i use it for everything! I am on course to building a website and needed a little something eye catching. I like Script and i like it to look a little crummy and extremely true and naturalistic, im not a fan of things being to precise. Well thats my story. 


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