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Ray Mawst

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Captain Hipster

Hey Everyone! I re-evaluated where I wanted to push my project, and decided to create something more similar to Matt's style. I stayed with my original concept which is a hipster pirate. 


Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a nice holiday. To differentiate my pirate from all the other pirates out there, I decided to illustrate a pirate with a hipster twist. My pirate is drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon, rides a tall unicycle (because he just that cool) and his parrot even wears thick framed nerdy glasses. He is wearing overalls with the legs rolled up and sporting some chuck coverse! To help make him read like a pirate I have included a pirate hat, rugged facial hair, a parrot on his shoulder and a striped shirt.  I am considering adding hip tattoos, maybe tattooing the hipster capital of the united states, Brooklyn. 

Anyway, I would love some feedback on how I could improve my sketch! Thanks a lot everyone :)

Here is a link to my inspiration board on pinterest. Through the inspiration serach, I was reaquainted with the illustrator McBess and was inturn inspired while creating my pirate. 


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