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Captain America: The First Project

This was my first class, and my first time using Illustrator so I'm a complete newb here!  I watched all of your lessons last night, and then sat down after work tonight and dove right in!  In honor of memorial day, I wanted to do something a bit patriotic. So, I decided to pull some inspiration from Cap and see what I could come up with. Here's my mood board and color palette. I just serached for some kawaii images of Captain America, of which there appear to be thousands. For the color palette, I searched for "patriotic palette' (he is Captain America after all!) and found the image on the bottom left.


Making my project was really fun - I love learning new mediums to be creative! Unfortunately, my artistic talent when it comes to drawing and the like is not the best, but I'm really hoping to improve my skills and become more handy at web and digital design. I feel it looks a bit like something my third grade students would design, but we've all got to start somewhere! Anyway, here it is - and thanks for the awesome class, it's perfect for beginners like me!



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