Capricorn: Only True Grit Forms a Pearl | Skillshare Projects

Joshua Ganyon

Goat of the Year during Year of the Goat



Capricorn: Only True Grit Forms a Pearl

I arrived at an aquatic theme for this project because I thought up the phrase: "only true grit forms a pearl."

I got swept away by this project and processed about 30 textures overall which I can't wait to play with more in the future. I didn't do this project in a very logical way and should have watched all the videos before beginning rather than taking it step by step, but I learned a great amount about the ins and outs of using texture.

I'm very pleased with the end result - it looks like something scanned in rather than created digitally and that's just the effect I was hoping for. 


Thanks for an awesome class! Would love to hear any suggestions or tips you may have.


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