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Capoeira in my life

Capoeira in my Life

I chose to work with my capoeira (brazilian martial arts) training progress tracking because it has been a great part of my life in the last 4 years and I have met many friends that are like family today. I met many different teachers, learned a new language and gotten many skills in general that are part of my daily life. 

I would like to build the strory of how I have progressed with it and to visualize how it has also influenced my life outside of the many hours I spend training at the academy.

I hope I will be able to bring in all that info into an understandable graphic.

Information I'd like to include:

  • Start with my first class and belt level (white in 2009) and continue to today (orange belt)
  • Track the training hours invested in taking class:
  • Physical training - hours of training
  • Music class - hours
  • Portuguese language study - hours
  • Depending on how many tiers of hours I can count, I'd break them in even numbers as to show my most productive times.
  • According to acquired skills, I would like to add an icon representing a certain skill
  • Add the number of friends acquired through the years in training 
  • Add the places visited to train

Since it seems like the timeline is linear and as it progresses it gains skills and changes colors (belt color), I thought I would use the shape and knot of my belt to add milestones and to make the timeline change colors according to my progress.

Maybe the icons for skills added can become a little complex to add as a small part of the infographic
Perhaps I have too much information included

Initial Sketches

I started by tracking the training classes/hours on my first year of training by looking at the attendance log and chose to track hours by 50 units (50 hours) and then chose an icon for each parts of the discipline (training, music and language) that might become more "advanced" as the hours increase. (so my first day is a person standing, at 50 hours, there is a more complex position and so foth)

I am fading the colors in the belt timeline as the milestones I made and my skill level has improved.

This is my 2009 data collection (still need to do the years after) 

And this is my initial sketch for the infographic:

A challenge here is trying to bend the cord timeline around from left to right representing a year with each horizontal line and coordinating dividing it in 12 months so I can accurately place the clusters of 50 hours on each discipline.

Another challenge is to decide what information to present "inside the belt" and outside. (hour tracking versus other factors I thought would be interesting like a knee injury, meeting my boyfriend in the class, traveling to ther countries to train and so forth.

I also added a pie chart around each milestone (belt knot) to include percentages, to visualize how all my training time was split through time.

So, here is my first sketch. I look forward to your feedback!


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