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Hi folks,

for my entry to George's class I decided to bring in a not so usual animal to the table, maybe you've never heard about it, but it's a rather common fellow in South America.

I bring you the fabulous, the majestic, the grand:

Capivara! or Capybara, in english.

It's actually the largest rodent in the world (!)

So, I started off sketching over these pictures and this is what I got:

I had to move away from the pose in the pics a little, in order to create a more dynamic stance (this little guy doesn't like moving too much) . I also figured that an outline style would do a better job than a filled up shape.

This is my final hand sketch:

These are the various iterations in Illustrator:

And final result:

I'm fairly pleased with it, but I figured that most people wouldn't be able to recognize it, which is not very cool, so I added some type to help out.


Any thoughts? Comments appreciated!

I'd like to thank George for the great insights, it's a pleasure to get a glimpse of his work process.


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