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Capitol Records / Structure Sway

I thought the swaying structure sounded like fun.  I was walking by the Capitol Records building and gave it a shot... The first attempt didn't work out too well - I realized the light post on the left was going to be in frame if I swayed the building to the right...

I tried again - turning the camera to sway the building in the opposite direction.  This one just turned out sloppy:

As they say - "third time's the charm":

I edited in snapseed and afterlight - bringing up the ambiance and temp just a bit.  Even tried to get the art wall below the building to pop a little with selective adjust, but it's a little too dark... then messing with the midtones: bringing up the red just a touch; then used touch/retouch to erase a pesky little reflection on the corner of the SUV:

Finally cropping down to instagram size 1x1 and losing that bendy lampost on the right:


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