Bianca Casimes

Designer and Illustrator



Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Background Info

Capitol Hill is where I currently live. It's one of the many vibrant neighborhoods of Seattle. Capitol Hill is equivalent to Williamsburg or the Mission District. But smaller. Amazing food, awesome live music, best bar scene, historic parks and coffee spots and tons of intersting people. 

Sketches: Round 1

Capitol Hill is difficult. It is home to the richest in Seattle and also the poorest. It celebrates everyone as they are. It's exceptionally urban in the main Pike Pine strip but then has the most beautiful parks in the city up north.

I've been really into linework logos like #3 and intricate typographical logos like #2. I typically lean to simple shapes but for a project like this I felt like I wanted to create an identity that could be used in collateral. #2 is my favorite for that reason, cause it can be broken down and used in a lot of ways. I feel like it also emulates the energy that Capitol Hill has and celebrates it diversity. I would like to explore Probably #2 and #3 more since I feel like I lot can be done with symbology.


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