CapeShare - student project

CapeShare is a guidebook for the best that Cape Cod has to offer from non biased locals.  This App  contains the essential things to do while on vacation here broken out by town.  Whether you are looking for the best beach or the best place to get a lobster roll we give you the tips you need to make your experience on the Cape more memorable. Over 6 million people visit Cape Cod each year and we have created this App to help them avoid crowds, get to great beaches, enjoy great meals and do so much more while on vacation.

I see a huge need for this app whenever I visit a city or region and try to cobble together yelp, google reviews, etc and sometimes don't end up with the best spots.  For instance we hit up San Francisco - the first day we were on our own and checked out some ok places but then we met up with someone who lives there and we were able to dig more into the real city.   If we had this app for San Francisco broken up by the different regions we would had a much better trip. 

Milestone #1 finished (also pulled my sketches into to figure out usability issues - link to those sketches here -!/projects/5112c16fb720fab17b0000de/preview )

Some of the old wireframes: 

CapeShare - image 1 - student project

CapeShare - image 2 - student project

CapeShare - image 3 - student project

Milestone #2 Finished Designs are 90% done:

CapeShare - image 4 - student project

Milestone #2 Refined my design:

CapeShare - image 5 - student project

CapeShare - image 6 - student project

CapeShare - image 7 - student project

CapeShare - image 8 - student project

Milestone # 3:  I've started to develop in Xcode 

Update Feb 8th - Here is link to a screencast of what I have so far:

Update Feb 12th - Moving along with table Views - here is a screencast of what I have thus far:


Chris Gillis

UI/UX Designer