Can't start my project yet, too busy!

Too snowed under today to start my project, but I'll put it on my to do list and hopefully get to it tomorrow!!

Results from the GTD quiz:

A few days later...

Okay, now onto more serious considerations.

So far I have watched the videos up to the end of Phase 2 and am currently completing the tasks in Phase 2.

I have set up Evernote and Todoist (I have a PC, android phone and an ipad so it is good to have something that syncs across all). I have bought a lovely metal intray for physical loops and today my words notebooks arrived in a fetching swedish camo (not sure how I am going to use those at the moment as I nearly always have my phone with me for notes).

I have processed all the open loops in my gmail accounts and now have a zero inbox (man that felt good).

Before all this, I collected all the open loops I could think of in Todoist (again, what a release it is to get all those things out of your head; that in itself was worth doing this course). I have now re-written them in to next actionable steps. This will take a little practice I think. Some I have done quite well; others I'm not so sure about. My next step is to create projects and areas of responsibility. I'll let you know how I get on.

If anyone is interested, here are my current - rewritten - open loops/next actionable steps:

And in super quick time I managed to create my projects (below for your perusal). Next step Areas of Responsibility! That'll have to go on the list for tomorrow.


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