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Can't Knock the Hustle


This shirt is a cut and sew shirt with state of the art new direct to garment dying technology with vibrant non fading colors. Our shirt derives it’s softness from it’s composition, made of 100% long staple pima cotton, the most prized cotton in the world.  We knit it in an interlock weave for a soft flat face that won’t stretch or warp over time.  Weighing in at 4.8oz’s it’s between a heavyweight tee like dad used to own, and the paper thin tee’s that luxury brands have been throwing on shelves.   A lay flat collar with a touch of spandex ensures this shirt will always look great no matter how many times you pull it on and off.  

- 4.8 oz. interlock 100% pima cotton

- Lay flat collar

- Standard fit


This t-shirt design is inspired by a vintage bowling shirt with a street culture message. The front chest design is a simple emblem that reads "King Pin" , With the letter "K" derrived from a King card from a deck of playing cards. This emblem is juxtapozing the old vintage bowling aesthetics with the playing cards. The phrase Kingpin can mean many different things, such as the main center bowling pin , "a main or large bolt in a central position" or  "a person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation."
Usually this connotation can be interpreted as a drug dealer in street slang. The visual reference and verbiage is a triple entendre and has many layers of correlation.

The sleaves are a blocked print of an oversized cropped King of Diamonds from a deck of playing cards.
This gives a pattern like effect which serves as another layer of texture to the design. 

The back of the shirt is a retro style illustration of a bowling lane with the phrase "Can't knock the hustle" above it is a nod to the classic rap song "Can't knock the hustle". Again the play on words with the visual is evident with the pins getting knocked down. The King Pin's hustle can't be knocked!

The neck label and care instructions are printed on the yoke of the shirt.

The packaging comes complete with the original ¥€$ brand money bag. The Shirt is wrapped in an original ¥€$ money band. The novelty packaging is an important equation to add value to the branding.


Sey is an award winning contemporary street artist and designer, born in Tokyo, raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles. His art reflects a blend of popular culture and street culture, with an identifiable and conscious message. He has worked with many brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hypebeast, and also has a high profile clients like Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, Riff Raff, and Taz Arnold.  Sey’s dynamic techniques include the dynamic application of vibrant colors with bold and graphic contoured forms. He works with a vast range of mixed mediums from acrylic, spray paint, to resin. His paintings presents a new flare to nostalgic imagery with a humorous take on social and political issues.
Sey also designs apparel and merchandise of the art to make it more accessible to the mass.










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