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I thought for a while about what type of logo, and company, I wanted to work with. I chose Canon because my love of digital media, art and design started with photography. And... I've never loved the Canon logo, even though I've wanted to...

Canon's demographic is the urban creative professional male, aged 18-49 years old. While Canon has products for consumer use (point and shoot cameras at affordable prices), the majority of their product base is for college educated, skilled creative professionals.

Here is my swipe for Color:

My Concept Swipe:

I'm thinking of a mid point between the sketch style and the style in the "Focalize" logo...

My Composition Swipe:

I want a slightly asymmetrical composition... like the "BLOG" logo below, I want one character to make a more substantial impact than the rest.

Typography Swipe:

For my re-design I want typography that combines a hand-drawn roughness and a sharp, technological look. I'm finding that an angular, pointed san-serif may be where I'm headed...


Canon logo:



While I am no where near 100 sketches, let alone 25 that I think may be good ideas... here is where I've gotten to so far.

These are the lot:

I will be creating my own font for this... so, here are the ones I like the most, and will continue to work with (in addition to the sketches I plan on doing tomorrow night)...

I like where I am heading with the design on the bottom... I want to stay with this kind of chunky san-serif.. and I am liking the bottom "lens" idea because it would fit within the letterforms... However, I like the idea of alluding to an opening lens... like the one already placed within the logo concept. I definitely will be sketching further... Hopefully putting new sketches up tomorrow night.

My most recent sketch:

After some deliberation, and some thought about how to integrate the "lens" concept into my typography, I've come up with the sketch above. While I worked on creating many sketches, always coming up with similar ideas to the ones posted previously in my project, once I put my pencil down for a moment-I was able to draw up another variation. My process was to start with the most obvious ideas which would then, hopefully, lead me to something more interesting and less assertive. Also, I kep considering how the logo would be employed (print and on the products themselves). So, I've come to this point... heading toward a black logo for print and a chrome version for the faces of the cameras... can't wait to see how it changes once I start working in illustrator.

Here is my first Illustrator rendering of the sketch above, I'm not thrilled with it and would love to keep working on this but its a start...

And here's my second rendering with additions..

One more version after changing the "a"...


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