Canning Peppers

Hi!  My name is Julie.  I am a teacher, gardener, wife and dog mom.  My food story is about canning peppers from my garden.  I love the idea of telling a story with photos.  The introductory photo is something I would have never thought about, but putting the story into a context and a place makes it more personal.

My food story takes place in my backyard garden in rural South Carolina (USA).  It is summer and the world is green and in bloom with lots of sunshine and humidity.


In my garden I harvest banana peppers complete with dirt and an embarrassingly jagged thumbnail.  (keeping it real!) 


My dog is the guardian of the garden and poses with the harvested peppers while keeping an eye out for rabbits and squirrels.


Then the story moves into my kitchen where the process of canning occurs.  Peppers are washed and chopped; jars cleaned and filled with a boiling vinegar mixture.   Then the jars are placed into a steaming water bath.


Out comes preserved banana peppers.  Summer heat and sunshine are captured in each jar and can be enjoyed long after the season has passed.


What I found especially challenging about visual storytelling is choosing the pictures.  I took far too many photos, so narrowing it down to five was difficult.  I had pictures for every step of the canning processes, so selecting one to capture that part of the story was challenging.

Thanks for a great class!  It was very informative and inspiring!


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