Cannibal Dinner.

Hi, everyone!

I had a great time making this assignment. You'll find the steps to create the final illustration down below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated so please don't refrain from giving me some.  

1) Word List & Rough Sketch

I was trying to explore multiple ideas while the conceptualization phase of the illustration. I wanted to take a fun turn on the given brief so ended up going ahead with the Cannibal Diner (I had just watched Cannibal Holocaust). Wouldn't it be hilarious (and horrifying) if there was an actual diner like this?



2) Progress:

I used Brush pens and an EE graphite pencil for the final scans. 



3) Final Art

I tried to include an overall dark theme with the colours. Struggled a bit in this part. Some feedback would really help. :)



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