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CannaBizConnect- Simple, Comprehensive Business Software Package catering to the emerging Cannabis Industry

CannaBizConnect is the first business software service catering to the newly legal cannabis industry.  We want to provide cannabusinesses here in Washington state (and later, everywhere else) the tools they need to streamline their business and make sure it is running as efficiently and optimally as possible.  Efficiency translates to revenue maximization, which matters more than an ever to an industry as highly taxed as the cannabis industry. 

We are in our infancy, and are looking for an experienced, technically skilled co-founder, or investors   This is my first start-up.  I need an experienced co-founder, someone who has run their own business or founded a start-up previously.  This co-founder also needs to know programming/software-development, and be able to pick and lead the team we put together to build and run the complete operation.  I bring strong marketing/branding/sales abilities, a knowledge of the cannabis industry here in Washington, an ability to relate to the business owners who will be making the decision on our product/service, a fierce intellect and love of learning, a strong work ethic, and great communication skills.  I am looking to offer equity in the company to a co-founding partner.  If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

Our comprehensive Dashboard will give a complete overview of a business, with an ability to dive more in-depth to any particular aspect of the business.

The services we will offer:

  • Point of Sales & Inventory Management system
  • State-mandated Seed-to-Sale Trackability program, with ability to upload directly to the states BioTrackTHC system
  • B2B e-commerce utilising our Industry-wide Database of all Industry metrics, from potency & purity test results, to C2B and B2B reviews & ratings, and everything in between
  • Office Management software: Calendars/To-Do's, Payroll, Invoices, Receipts, Scheduling, Bookkeeping, Taxes, and much more
  • Advertising & Customer Rewards
  • Communications platform to facilitate ease of communication inside the industry: some Facebook-like features ("News Feed" from Contacts), and some Instant-Messenger-like features (private & semi-private messenging), including chat rooms, forums, and video chat features
  • News, Announcements, Updates, and Articles relating to the Cannabis Industry
  • Ability to control smart systems, from A/C to sound systems & security systems

Where is CannaBiz at in the startup process?  

I'm currently working on the first draft of the business plan.  I plan to use this to find an experienced, technically-skilled co-founding partner, who can help us gain traction with some sort of viable product or demonstration, in order to achieve funding.  Once we've obtained funding, we will build a team of programmers and developers to develop the software package.  I will assemble a sales team and lead the sales & marketing side of the company, while the technical co-founder will control the programming/development side. 

Why should I join your startup?

I've got a solid idea, a marketing plan, and the drive, determination, intelligence, and creativity to see this through.  The target market is a brand new industry with proven demand, and efforts to legalize cannabis in other states appear to be snowballing.  Within 10 years it is very possible that more states will have legalized cannabis than not.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to message me about the idea, tell me what you think, make suggestions on how I can improve the business or this project!


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