Canguro | Skillshare Projects

Yaela Sans

Lettering, packaging and illustration




I started by deciding between animals that interest me. I tried some in my head but as soon as I came up with "canguro" (which is kangaroo in spanish), many ideas came to mind.


First I looked for kangaroo imagen on the internet, Then I tried drawing it as suggested in the class videos. It helped me a lot, I was able to understand the basic forms for a kangaroo which lead me to the design of the letters, I tried a brush kind of shapes with dinamic forms but also very rounded like the curves in the kangaroo's body. This was the representational part.


Then I tried to perfect the shapes.


After that, I tried to bring the illustrative part by adding a kangaroo in the middle of a jump behind the letter "c", and a baby kangaroo inside the "o's" bag.


For the decorative part I tried to emulate the kangaroo's color with watercolors and added a little bit of grass below.



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