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Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker


Ah so this is my first time trying out hand lettering.

I mean I am sure that every girl was obsessed with bubble letters and dotting their i's with little hearts at some point, but this is the first time I have really started thinking about how letterforms look together and how gorgeous they can be when done by hand. I think what has kept me from starting a project like this on my own is not knowing where to even start or not being confident enough to just sit down and do it. It also seems very time consuming but looks so worth it now :)

I decided to go with a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the one from 1971 because I refuse to have this movie ruined for me by watching the more recent one. Anyway, my quote will be "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker." I think this quote is funny and can be interpreted a few different ways. 

As I started brainstorming, the quote became even more fun to me because I immediately became inspired by the possbilities I could have with illusrating it. It could be fun and bright and colorful! And when is candy or liquor not fun? NEVER! :)

Here is my list of related words and there might be even more that will be added soon :)

I also got excited and started drawing a little so I wouldn't forget my ideas :) I started thinking of ways my quote could be applied to something too like the book cover idea. I was thinking something along the lines of an advertisment for a new like of candy flavored alcohol or maybe packaging for alcohol infused candy. These seem like a pretty literal translation of the quote at the moment so I will keep brainstorming.

I also turned to Google to find some inspiration because my book collection is rather sad at the moment... I found some really cool things so far though. First, I looked at scenes from the movie because color is a very big part of it. I actually love that the movie stills have a kind of muted color to them which was probably just from having old technology back then but it goes along great with some 70s color palattes that I found :) I got stuck in searching within the 70s because that's when the movie was made and thought it would be cool to pull some ideas from there. I also looked at some 70s beer cans and liquor bottles as well as candy wrappers. I then explored 70s typography and found some things that I really like.


I am so happy that I have become so inspired with this project. I was feeling like I needed to get a creative kick in the butt and this project is totally working! :) 


So I spent most of today gathering some typography inspiration. I wanted to look at other samples of hand lettering to get a feel for the flow of the type and look at how each letter connects to the others. I am a fan of when the decorative elements create the crossbars for some of the letters. I also love looking at the different line weight variations in hand written type.

I also explored three dimensional elements that I could incorporate with the type or literal translations of liquid or dripping. I think I would be fun to make some of my words look like they were dipped in chocolate or have the word 'liquor' be half full of liquid. I think it would be really interesting to mix flat and three dimensional type together.


I started sketching after watching Part 1 of this lesson. I may have taken longer on this part but I really wanted to see what I could do and spend more time than I normally do at this stage. I wanted to feel confident about my work before I decided I was done. The thing I am struggling most with is cosistancy. I am having a hard time keeping the weight of the letters uniform which may not be that big of a deal but my graphic design background is making it a big deal... I am excited to watch the next couple videos and I hope they help me understand more about the letterforms. But here is what I have so far and I like drawing on a curve or in a shape the most :)


I just remembered all of the lovely type from the actual movie when the Oopma Loompas are singing and thought it was pretty cool :) Here are some still from YouTube:


I am having a hard time committing to a style so here are some more sketches. I am starting to like where this is going :)


So I just watched the thumbnail videos and have been looking at other projects and I feel like I am not sure where I want to go with my sketches yet. Some people are adding so many decorative elements and images and I wasn't expecting that I guess... Anyway, I think I have decided to keep the idea of doing a new line of candy flavored alcohol and make a label for a bottle :) I am also going to explore my containing box as the shape of Willy Wonka's hat because that's a memorable part of him.

I also really like the style and decorative elements of the Jack Daniels labels. Gah! I am all over the place with my ideas! haha


FInally, things are coming together :) I am definately going to sketch more but I am feeling so proud of myself so I had to share!


Getting inspired today :) Just bought a couple of lettering books and I am in love. I also just built a couple bookshelves to continue my inspirational design books collection :)

Here is a sketch too. I know 'is' and 'but' are totally gross but it's progress :)


Finally got a more put together sketch done :) I still have to add some more decorative elements but I really like where this is going!


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