Candy Monsters

Here is my first inkblot character plus a little bio and story about him.

This is Twig, the candy bird, and he likes to eat gumballs.  Now all the other birds eat different things, but Twig is the only one that eats gumballs. That is because eating them can cause side effects like changing colors and tail growth.  But Twig loves gumballs so much that he just goes ahead and eats them up! When Twigs eats a pink and red gumball (pictured above), he grows a fire tail that can be used to scare off other candy predators.  A green and blue gumball transforms Twig into a swimming water bird with a mermaid like tail.  Since the other birds can’t swim at all they get really jealous of Twig’s superior swimming the gumball provides him.  A yellow and pink gumball causes Twig’s tail to sprout flowers.  He likes to gather the flowers up in a bouquet when this happens.  Twig’s favorite gumball is a rainbow gumball that makes him sprout wings like a butterfly.  Twig has a tendency to eat too many of these making him sick.  When that happens, Twig is forced to eat yucky leaves until he starts to feel better again.  Since Twig likes gumballs more than leaves, Twig tries to avoid this and live a happy life in candy monster land.


As you maybe can tell, I just had a lot of fun making up a little story for my bird.  I have about 20 more ink blots and I want to make some more creatures!.  I might re-draw my bird above without the ink blot now that I have such a good idea of who he is as a character.  I also want to draw him in the various states that I described above as well!

I am really new to drawing and making art so any feedback or help is really appreciated!  Great class Stefan!


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