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Candy Cane Christmas

Toward the very end of 2007 I lost someone who had been close to me.  In the first couple of months of the grieving process, one of the best things that I did was to take a class on ink and watercolor.  The class was in the next town over, and I didn't really know anyone in the class.  It was a perfect way to focus on something other than my grief, and it planted in me a deep love for these two mediums.  I loved the freedom and certain unpredictability of watercolor, but I also loved the challenge of fine detail and permanence that inking offered.

I so appreciate this class for bringing me back to this combination of media.  The candy canes were chosen from the prompts provided for December by the World Watercolor Group.  I didn't really have anything specific in mind when I started, so it was a pleasant surprise to see what I ended up with.


I used minimal ink outlines for the candy cane and bow, with lines suggesting depth on the bow.  Although I did not use ink for the pine boughs behind the candy canes, I used the brush like an ink pen in order to create the needles.  I used the same green from the pine boughs to add the shading to the bow, and then I added some Payne's grey to the candy canes to suggest depth.  I am very happy with the result.  I love Christmas time, despite the losses I have suffered, and it is a continual source of inspiration for me.


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